How to use communication effectively?

The art of communication is the process of imparting or exchanging information through verbal and or nonverbal means. Good communication is about the way we talk and listen, and about our body language.

If you want to start communicating efficiently, regardless of the situation and the people, you just have to exercise. Аs hard workouts train the body’s muscles and make them more stable, so experience in various communication will raise your skills, and you will learn to communicate.
Communication is the ability to communicate with others as well as with yourself. Both processes are very closely related. If there is a problem with one, it often affects the other.

Communication with yourself.

How do I communicate with myself? How do I perceive the events that happen around me? How do I react to crisis situations? How do I live to make my world look like a comedy or romantic movie, instead of being a gloomy drama or thriller?

Change your focus!

Accept that you write your own scenario and you are your own producer.
Accept that everything happens for your good.
Whatever happens, ask yourself these two questions:

What is the good thing that happens to you in concrete, seemingly tricky situation?

We all have such in our daily lives. For example, last year I broke my leg during a ski vacation. In the beginning, I felt pain, I was confined to the bed, and many plans were shattered. But what was happening during the next weeks? I managed to complete several online projects, read various personal development books, watch multiple webinars, and even have the opportunity to enjoy good fiction.

And here comes the answer to the second question:

What did I learn from this? What opportunities have been revealed to me?

Yes, it is the ability to make the most of the situation. To focus on the positive side of what is happening and finally come out of it more knowledgeable and wiser.

Change your thinking patterns and beliefs about yourself and increase your self-esteem and confidence. Communicate with yourself positively, love yourself, because if we do not respect and value ourselves, then no one else will.

Communication with others.

Every single person has his own movie in which he lives, his own planet. So try to understand others. Put yourself in their place, look at the world through their eyes, try to walk in their shoes. And so trying to find out what their movie is, you could learn something from it.

Therefore, it is essential to be in an environment where we are surrounded by people from whom we can learn something that we are recharging us and with which we can grow.
Communicating with others, give them your full attention. Be here and now. Do not let the phone, chat and other distractions to divert your attention. Be a good listener and hear what the other person says to you. The ability to listen actively is precious and makes you a pleasant and preferred interlocutor.

The feeling of being supported and listening carefully in conversation is marvellous. So give this feeling to the people, and you will see how they will thank you, love you and want to share with you even their most innermost secrets.

How do we express ourselves.


The meaning of the words is insignificant! The share of words in general communication is only 7%. If you do not have charisma, if people do not like you, then they have very little meaning. Do so you do not focus on the content but merge with the people in front of you, be one with them. Everyone loves to communicate with people who are like them, real people, people of life.

The Voice

It covers 38% of what we communicate with others. So do not talk monotonously. There are dozens of muscles that are responsible for the sound of the voice. Manage them. Use the qualities of your voice in a different tone, height and shades.

The Body

55% of communication – this is our body. Do not use the stiff movements of the robot. Use your emotions, gesture, be expressive, articulate your feelings with your body.

The Chameleon’s Power

Be a chameleon! Merge with the person you communicate with. Be like him. Use some of his words. Imitate it if necessary. If someone speaks very quickly, then, to keep a conversation with him, you have to lift your pace as well. If your voice is loud and meet someone who speaks quietly, reduce the decibels because the high tones will seriously disturb the person on the other side. Posture, movement, the facial mimics – every person has a pattern on which he moves. Study your interlocutor’с gestures and be like him to make your connection deeper.

The Strategist’s Rules

Start friendly.
Accost someone by name – remember his name.
Talk about what the other is interested in.

Ask your interlocutor how he feels, what he thinks and what he does.
Encourage people to be aware of their significance.
Sincerely respect and admire the qualities of others.

Cherish the little progress.
Dramatize your ideas – express them emotionally and energetically.
Be a good listener.

Let them think the idea is theirs.
Respect the dreams and goals of others.
Speak good or be quiet.

Do not judge, do not criticise. Be tolerant.
Avoid disputes at all costs.

In conclusion, I want to say that our whole life is interaction with others – from our birth until death. The better you know how to communicate with others, the easier we live. Those who master the subtleties of communication and know how to persuade others, progress in life and work much easier and faster than people who have studied for years and know many things but have no talent to fascinate.

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