Life coaching for high achievements?

What is the role of life coaching in personal and professional being?

Coaching gives the desired direction in life, both in a personal and professional aspect. It serves the individuals, as well as corporate and public structures. The life coach does not have all the answers but could help you find the best one right for you, right now! This opens up new, unexpected opportunities to your desires in every realm of life.

Coaching is a process that helps you operate at the highest possible level, through individual and personal cooperation by a professional that provokes, stimulates and drives you to grow.

Life coaching is the essence of everything known so far in the sphere of private life, health, work, politics, ecology. Coaching merges into a unified, progressive transformative approach applicable to the whole life of humans, their families, every field of their social life, and the surrounding world.

The role of the professional coach is to help the person:

To find and achieve yourself in a balanced state of sustainable comfort, satisfaction, inspiration and happiness.
To manage the life events.
To move to his success, to his goals with his pace, in his own way.
To build partnership and trust.
To live in an ecological environment, both in nature and in the family, as well as in the business.
To find the answers within yourself.
To follow his own rhythm.
To establish his values.
To overcome his own limits and barriers.
To understand who actually is.
To discover his life purpose.
To be heard without being criticised.
To thrive and to be successful in every sphere of his life.

The essence of coaching is such that it helps you reach self-actualization – a stage at which you not only truly getting to know yourself, but that knowledge is also accompanied by a sense of calm and understanding of the person you have discovered.

Coaching is not a therapy, but its effect is therapeutic.
Coaching does not teach, but its effect is self-learning.
Coaching is not a workout, but we learn to train our entire system of thoughts-feelings-emotions-body in balance.

Coaching does not prescribe prescriptions.
Coaching helps people find their own way and ability to reach their goals, develop the necessary habits and skills. Coaches are experts in asking the right questions and giving the proper guidelines that help people make discoveries about themselves, bring clarity, awaken their self-consciousness, create a willingness to act, and help achieve specific objectives.

Coaching begins now and is heading for the future.
Coaching helps the person (or organisation) to clarify their values and intentions, creates a vision for the prospect, and develops a practical action plan to achieve the goals. Coaching does not work with the past, it is aimed at the future.

Coaching works because:

The effect of synergy is obtained.
The coach and his fiduciary are one team. And as for any efficient team, synergy is needed, without it coaching is impossible. Synergy – this is when one plus one equals three, four, and maybe more. A joint action, whereby the end effect or response is greater than the sum of the effects or responses induced separately from each agent.
The coach is not an element of the system.

And this allows its to create this space in which one can find alternative solutions.

The coach often helps to define goals, creates a plan, inspires and supports the stage of realisation, gives feedback.
Thanks to coaching, a person develops new abilities and skills that increase his efficiency.

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