Coaching Quotes

Our mission is to help you to discover your own voice and what your extensive capabilities are. We are supporting you to become a better version of yourself and see that life is about joy, having fun, and creating meaningful relationships and thriving.

People often think that there is a lot of things that stand between them and success – circumstances, people, money. But the truth is that only one thing prevents us from getting where we want – and that’s ourselves!

The biggest victory is not to overcome the obstacles that life places in your path. The most significant achievement is to overwhelm yourself, your own mistrust, your own pessimism.

We hope that the quotes from the people in our team published on this page will inspire you to do it! Good luck!

It’s time to step into your greatness!  

Scott Masciarelli

When you find your inner calling, suddenly you will have all the help, all the energy, all the effort, all the love, all the respect.

Nikolas Ouranos

That is the difference between liking what you do and loving what you do. If the quote “If you can be successful doing something you don’t love, imagine how successful you can be doing something you love?” is true then imagine the possibilities of success. I would also imagine that the work would not feel like work. Isn’t that an added bonus to be energized by what you do?

Scott Masciarelli

Almost all entrepreneurs I speak to are happy that they took the plunge. Whether they have been successful or not, very few regret their journey. When YOU know why you want to launch your own business, when YOU are clear on possible consequences and trust that YOU have what it takes to be an entrepreneur – Take the first step and get started!

Monique Blokzyl

We all have flaws. Nobody is perfect. Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone was perfect. Our beauty hides in our cracks. Each one of your cracks depending on how you see and use it could bring back flowers. What are these flaws? How could you see them as advantages? Do you feel irritated by the way other people treat you? How could you see the others’ flaws as a part of yourself and accept them as it is? I suggest that you start from yourself. It is a difficult journey to accept ourselves but the rewards are great. So what kind of flowers will you create?

Jill Douka

I’ve discovered that when I appreciate and acknowledge myself, I am able to love others better. I am able to listen to others and be of service to them. Self-acknowledgment and appreciation are like oxygen. And I’ll bet you have heard that when there is a change in cabin pressure on a plane, you need to put on your own oxygen mask first!

When I acknowledge myself first, then it is so easy to acknowledge others. When I am acknowledging myself, it is easier to stay out of judgment – both of myself and others. Daily self-acknowledgement is to the creative mind what daily bicep curls are to the arm. It strengthens and supports me and everyone around me.

Karen Cappello