Jill Douka

The core of our team is the fabulous Jill Douka - Life coach, international speaker, workshop leader and author of the bestseller "Create Love: 7 Secrets to Manifest Your Perfect Match", voted by readers as one of the top wellbeing books for 2015. You may have seen her speaking at 2 TEDx platforms and actually, she is the only one greek coach that has been invited to speak at the TEDx events in Europe and Asia. She is a mentor at the European Business Mentors network and a member of Forbes Coaches Council, and she coaches the entrepreneurs in New York, Los Angeles and Asia. As an active philanthropist, she supports people to successfully cope with change by unlocking their strengths, energy and goals. She helps people to move beyond their own personal and relationship challenges, strengthen your resilience, and create a mindset for success and happiness.

Karen Cappello

Karen Cappello is a Master Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation. She is an author of books such as "The Clients You are Seeking are Also Seeking You" and "Measuring Coaching Success: Ensure Solid Client Results". Karen believes that everyone could realise thriving coaching practices with ease and joy. Her passion is to help people to achieve their dreams, to be successful and how to enjoy every aspect of their coaching practice. Therefore she blends spiritual coaching with business development, helps you to find your true identity and inspires you to take actions that nourish your heart and soul.

Pooja Khandelwal

Pooja is the Career Navigation & Transition Consultant at the University of British Columbia, Canada and Certified Mentor Coach. Her goals are to maximize employee motivation and engagement through experiences, rise their strengths and achieve their professional best. She has the ability to motivate employees to go beyond ‘what’ their role holds for them and deeper into ‘why’ they are in it and thus to enhance their career wellbeing.

Giuseppe Totino

Giuseppe Totino is a Master Certified Coach and has over ten years of experience delivering executive/leadership Coaching to middle and top leaders. His specialities are Leadership, Coaching, Communication & Conflict Management, Personal Development Training and Nutrition Coaching. His passion is to turn good intentions into habits.

Scott Masciarelli

Global Leadership Coach and Coach Trainer, mentor and contributing author to 52 Activities for a Successful International Relocation and Transform Your Life - Book 2. Scott Masciarelli' dynamic combination of in-depth experience, leadership, adventure and world travelling bring a unique perspective to his work and wisdom to his training. In an individual and group coaching, retreats and getaways Scott guides his students into a journey through transition and into transformation. He supports them to explore their possibilities and to clarify "what's next?" in their career, business and life.

Nikolas Ouranos

Co-author of the #1 international bestselling book "Create Love: The 7 Secrets to manifest your perfect match" and Relationship Expert, in-demand marriage mentor and inspirational speaker. Nikolas Ouranos is a certified Relationship Coach from the International Coach Federation and the founder of the Academy of Relationships. His passion is to support people in establishing happy relationships without an expiration date and to show them how to create love and to find their perfect match.

Monique Blokzyl

Monique Blokzyl is an international speaker, trainer, coach, author and the founder of the Business Launch Portal. Her mission is to inspire and empower people to turn their idea into a thriving business. She supports them to step forward to realise their business dreams and turning them it into reality.